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Drawing in colorful Poster, size = 24"x20" Created on 08/25/2009
Updated on 07/05/2023
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My Drawings

Welcome to my Art Gallery. These are my drawings that I started since 1971. The earlier drawings were done by pencil and colored by Marker Ink pen.

The 2nd generation of drawings were done by pencil, refined by Visio, and colored by Microsoft Paint.

The 3rd generation of drawings were the result of a composition with modified images from the Internet.

These drawings are the results of my imagination based on my life experience.  

Through the Internet and the easy affordability of the website creation and hosting, I am able to share my work for the first time with people around the world.


Materializing one's imagination is one of the human beings' wonderful ability.  Human beings are capable of many wonderful things. The most wonderful of them all is knowing it.

If you are interested in purchasing any of my drawings in the form of a poster, you may contact me using the Email address on this page.